Daniel J. Hsu is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University, as well as an affiliated member of the Foundations of Data Science center. Learn more about his work in a recent paper titled, "A Spectral

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Tony Jebara | Data Science: Creating Intelligent Machines

Patricia J. Culligan | Urban Infrastructure: City Green, Coastal Green

"Ex-Facebook Data Scientist: Every Facebook User Is Part Of An Experiment At Some Point"

"Facebook’s Data Science team reportedly has run hundreds of experiments without people’s knowledge." In a recent CNET article on the news about Facebook’s experiments on mood and behavior, aformer data scientist claims that these experiments have happened more often than anticipated.


What Facebook knows about data science may surprise you!

What Facebook knows about data science may surprise you!

In a VentureBeat interview with Facebook Data Scientist Justin Moore, we learn how Facebook harnesses the massive streams of data they encounter on a daily basis. What do they do with it? Where does it go? Find out more.